Introduction - Version 2.0

Welcome to the forest carbon calculator, an interface and set of carbon models to help you examine how carbon stores in the forest sector change over time. The forest carbon calculator was developed by scientists at Oregon State University and the USDA Forest Service. Funding provided by Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service.

This web interface will allow you to select different regions, past histories of disturbance and management as well as alternative futures. Currently, the calculator is parameterized for the Oregon East and West Cascades regions only. Calculations can be done for a single stand or for an entire landscape. Reports and time trend graphs on stores in the forest, in wood products (including bioenergy), and disposal can be generated.

Before starting to run the model please take some time to check out the tutorial section where you will find more complete descriptions of the models being used, example experiments, and other resources that can help you make the most of the calculator.

Quick Summary A short overview of the model and how it works.
Tutorial Learn how to run the calculator, how the model works, and how carbon in the forest sector behaves, as well as what input and output screens look like.
Run Stand By stand level we mean an area of ground that has a relatively similar disturbance and land-use history.
Run Landscape By landscape level we mean a collection of stands that has had disturbances or changes in land-use at different times.

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USDA Pacific Northwest
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